As everyone knows, the Erasmus is a program that allows European students to live and study for a time in another country. It is an unforgettable experience that all university students should do, first of all because it is something that remains in the hearts and memories for a lifetime, but it also enriches the personal point of view. But why do Erasmus? Although each of us has the answer within himself, it is easy to see that there is reason universal and shared by all nationalities to try this experience. Today we will see just a few good reasons to leave, that will make you understand the wonderful experience that is the Erasmus program.


1. Know A New Culture
Go and live in another country means first know a new culture, making you learn about reality than those to which you are accustomed. Thanks to this project, therefore, largehearted your horizons by making a wonderful experience that will enrich you much on the human and cultural.

2. Learning to Manage Money
Living abroad often means living with very few resources: so, you will be very useful to learn how to manage money and save. After this experience, definitely you will give more value to money, not to mention that you will change your priorities especially economic.

3. Learn A New Language
Live for months in a foreign country means obviously learn or improve a new language, but in a more pleasant way than they did at school or university, especially thanks to the daily contact with students from all over the world.

4. Making New Friends
Living in a foreign country also means getting lots of new friends of all nationalities. This is an advantage not just. It will be great to make friends with students from other countries and to confront each other on their respective customs and traditions. Not to mention that thanks to Erasmus students know well many Italians.

5. Improve the Curriculum
The Erasmus not only enriches the person, but also their own curriculum. In fact, if it will result in the participation in the program, you will be greatly advantaged in the future: research staff many companies now favor those who have supported these experiences abroad.

6. Fun
Go abroad, of course, also it means fun! the opportunities to do so will not miss: thanks to the places you visit and the presence of your new friends, the moments of joy and happiness will be on the agenda.

7. Experience Training
Participate in the Erasmus program means to experience life that does not happen every day: when you come back, you’ll have a wonderful memory that will take long years to come, a rent a strong emotion mixed with a hint of nostalgia.

8. Desire to Know the World
The Erasmus will increase your desire to travel, meeting new countries and new cultures, because you will have many friends to go visit. And this will be a good reason to move more frequently and know the places where you have never been before.

9. Independence
Being away from home, you’ll be able to make do for themselves in daily tasks, and this will cause you to become much more independent than when you were at home with mom and dad.

10. deny Stereotypes
The Erasmus experience will serve you well to confront the different cultures of other countries: talking with your friends, so you’ll have to tell them about your customs and habits, denying even the too many stereotypes that circulate on Italy!