The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a call for 45 scholarships for Italian graduates to attend a Master in European Studies at the College of Europe, the establishment of academic education with offices in Bruges (Belgium) and Warsaw-Natolin ( Poland).

Who they are

Scholarships MFA College of Europe in 2014 are intended to Italian citizens in possession of the old system or degree of Science under the new order in different disciplines, depending on the type of bag choice. Will also be accepted the nominations of three-year graduates with Master (240 credits) and graduate students, provided that they meet the qualification required prior to the course at the College of Europe, or within the month of September 2014. Holders of one year degree will be considered for scholarships MFA College of Europe in 2014 exclusively in the case in which they can demonstrate a solid background compared to the academic program for which decide to apply. S also requires an excellent knowledge of English and French. Specifically, the requirements wondered candidates for scholarships MFA College of Europe in 2014 are as follows, depending on the Campus of destination:


Bruges Campus

Degree in Law (for programs to address legal) degree in Economics and Commerce (for economics) degree in Political Science (for political-administrative) degree in Political Science, European Studies, Law, International Relations and diplomacy, economics and history (to address international relations and diplomacy of the European Union); equivalent qualifications.

Campus of Warsaw (Natolin)

In addition to the academic qualifications for the Campus of Bruges are also accepted applications from graduates in History, Geography, Languages, Journalism, Communication Sciences, Social Sciences and Philosophy. It requires keen interest in studies related to central and eastern Europe and the European integration process.

The amount and duration

Scholarships MFA College of Europe in 2014 are partial and total 8,100 euro each. The 45 scholarships are valid for a masters chosen from those organized in the campus of Bruges and Natolin in the period between September 2014 and June 2015.

The requirements

They can submit their applications for scholarships MFA College of Europe in 2014, all Italian citizens who meet the following requirements:

* Three-year degree with the Master (240 credits), three-year degree with excellent training on the course of study chosen, the old system or graduate degree program the new system (with the requirement for undergraduates to complete their degree by September 2014);

* Excellent knowledge of English and French;

* Maximum age 35 years (born after January 1, 1979).

How and when to apply

All who wish to apply for one of 45 scholarships MFA College of Europe in 2014 should fill out the form can be downloaded from the website of the College of Europe. The deadline for submission of applications is January 15, 2014.