The end of university studies coincides with the not always easy task to write a thesis. When this time comes you can be caught by a sense of disorientation and uncertainty, not to say … .panico! This is because no previous college experience prepared us or explained on how to prepare for this moment. The writing of a thesis puts the student in front of a choice that could decide his future career. However, in the act of writing, are unfortunately rare errors in which you can stumble that could lower the quality. If the student will be able to avoid such errors, the thesis will be certainly more appreciated by the committee and will get a better grade. In this regard, we see now are some useful tips on how to avoid some of the common mistakes that you may come across during the writing of a dissertation. Lets talk about 5 Mistakes To Avoid In A Graduate Thesis.

Graduate Thesis

1. Procrastination
One of the most common mistakes is when you make arguments like: ” I do before this exam and then I will start to think of the argument. ” Procrastination in time is never a good idea. Instead, the proper attitude to take is to look around, or to assess what the subject fascinates us more and you want to learn and at what professor must propose the thesis topic. You should therefore be clear from the start and not wait for the teacher to give directions on how it should move.

2. Choose The Teacher More “Convenient”
Another mistake not to do is to choose the professor for convenience, or choose any one who will accept our proposal and we will graduate as soon as possible! Aside from the lack of professionalism (by us and by the teacher in question!), This solution will only lead to negative consequences for the thesis.

3. Topic Inappropriate or Wrong
What is the rush or for other reasons, it is not uncommon that the student mistakes the topic to be discussed. Often “euphoria” can lead to choose the first argument that happens to you! Transported by the enthusiasm, many are eager to communicate to all the title of the thesis. Only after time then you notice that the subject is no longer acceptable or even inappropriate.

4. Little attention to the Chart
The look and feel of the thesis is often underestimated, but it is an element that has its importance because it will affect the final grade; in fact an elaborate attention to every detail, even if it has a graphic simple and elegant, can make the idea of ​​a thoroughness, precision and dedication, gave no means negligible for the final evaluation. So, try to pay due attention to form.

5. Farsi Writing Thesis
Apart from the appearance immoral that this action involves getting write a thesis by another person is illegal and inconsistent! This is because it conveys the message that every time you are in front of a difficulty that is deemed insurmountable, the only possible solution is to copy.