The life of a college student is also made by the various examination sessions to deal with during his studies. Some people live the period of examination with anxieties and fears and who lives it with more enthusiasm and serenity. However, the exam sessions cause some in all some anxiety that often leads to mistakes, both before and during the exam. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. There are indeed some things to never do during a university exam. All are among the most common mistakes made by students that may affect the success of an examination. Specifically, today we will see some of the things to never do during an oral examination.


1. Study Only on your notepad or Handouts

Even today, many students think they can pass the exam by studying exclusively on handouts or notes of the course, ignoring the textbook. But it is a huge risk present on the day of these beliefs! Assimilate the notions taken during the course is important, but should be integrated with all the material available, including the book.

2. “Scene Muta”

Anxiety, emotion and sleepless nights can play tricks on the day of the exam. Although it is understandable some excitement and tension in those moments, we can not afford that they take over, especially if front of us we will find a teacher unsympathetic! If you have studied and know the material, you will have nothing to fear. So avoid doing dumb show, because it is a moment of weakness that can be misinterpreted by the teacher, making you lose consideration on his part.

3. To contradict the Teacher

Although the school is full of Italian teachers “carrion”, many are willing to dialogue and discussion. However, it is always best to avoid contradicting the professor during an exam. Being challenged is never pleasant, especially if to be questioned is a person who knows more than you on the subject.

4. Confess to Having A Book photocopied

Many texts in use in universities have the same teachers as authors. Then, during a university exam, you must never admit that they have studied in a textbook. No teacher ever appreciate such a use of their writings. Also avoid expressing personal opinions on the text written by the professor in question: so openly admit to not appreciate their work is not the best way to pass an exam.

5. ramble and prevaricate

During the examination it may happen that we pose questions that do not know all aspects. Students most “malicious” and sly, often manage to get by also walking around, giving unclear answers but at least satisfactory. But who does not possess the gift “of speech”, should avoid this technique because you could irritate the teacher!