When choosing the university faculty to subscribe, do not always have the luck to find the right course back home . Now the offer of Italian universities is very large, but if you want to point to the best universities should choose prominent, especially those most qualified for the chosen course of study . All this involves travel and constant movement, that many young people try to avoid moving directly into the city with the university best suited to its own objectives. And then it assumes the status of “resident students”. But how to behave on arrival in a new city? Here are 5 tips for resident students .

The first tip is to choose a suitable home. Assessment should be the final price, including all extra costs of building and utility bills. In addition, it is preferable not to have too many roommates, and then opt for something smaller: the coexistence can be very difficult, so better to be a few who in too many. Moreover, what really matters is the location of the house: the closer to the university , the more life will be easier.

soon as you arrive in a new city , for the choice of the house are very useful ads on university bulletin boards . Through these ads you can also find cheap books, as well as decide to enroll in and start creating a network of social relationships with other students.

experience away from home can be very fun life in solitary, new roommates, new friends. But we must try to set goals and understand that the priority must always study. should be planned well the exam timetable and to set dates and deadlines. Otherwise it is likely to have a party every night and forget the real reason why you have moved.