One great strategy to help a new college graduate get a better chance of getting hired is to choose a major that has many different career options. Instead of focusing your studies on a limited degree that has one or two career options, a more versatile major helps give you more possible career paths and better job stability for the future. You can also get a better selection of possible career changes if you decide your first job isn’t for you. Here are five unique majors that give graduates versatility in their career.


  1. Communications

For a large number of college students, majoring in communications helps them develop strong academic and career skills that could be transferable to a variety of careers. Communications majors can opt to work as a writer, with a focus on the written form. Communications majors may also choose to go into public speaking careers as a spokesperson or someone working in corporate communications. A degree in communications is also a gateway into the field of advertising or marketing.

  1. Computer Science

Another place for versatility in your career can come from majoring in computer science. If you’re not really sure which type of job you want, but you have a fascination with computers, this degree option may be right for you. Those who graduate with a degree in computer science have a wealth of opportunities in software development jobs, network administration roles, data analysis jobs, and cybersecurity positions. Some experts say that the essential coding skills learned in a computer science degree are viable for all types of work in the future.

  1. Sports Management

Individuals with an interest in sports and recreation don’t have to give up their passion when they move on to college. Studying sports management in your degree program can be a great way to open your career options up to many different positions. Jobs with a sports management degree vary from working directly with athletes in a business sense to helping individuals reach their top potential in fitness.

  1. Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare informatics is another field that has a large amount of potential for graduates in several different roles. This degree program focuses on the role of computer data in healthcare. In the future, as the role of information expands in healthcare, and technology gives medical care providers more tools, graduates will see themselves in demand. Programs in healthcare informatics are offered at schools like Adelphi, which can help students learn about the many different benefits of combining data and medicine.

  1. Business Administration

The last type of degree that offers plenty of options for your future is business administration. Being a business major can help students learn skills that could benefit them in marketing, finance, business development, public service, or as leaders in corporate structures. A business administration degree can also prepare someone to own and operate a business. Learning the basics of business can help graduates find their niche in the industry of their choice.
Choosing a degree that offers plenty of job opportunity and variety is a smart way to make yourself more marketable in the future. Your future career can be more interesting and dynamic with one of these subjects as your major.