For many students, college can be a stress-filled environment packed with classes, social activities, and friends. To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed, and to keep your university days happy, practice these seven tips.

1. Exercise Your Troubles Away

No matter what your class schedule looks like, take time to exercise. Take a brisk walk, run an errand, jog around the track, practice yoga, or play a game of volleyball. The endorphins released during your activities can lift your spirts as you exercise your troubles away.

2. Take Classes That Reflect Your Future Interests

The school may list required classes but see if you can fit a few sections into your schedule that reflect your future interests. If you want to be a doctor, try a few biology or physiology classes. If you want to practice law like the Cordell & Cordell Firm, try government or history classes. If you want to be a yoga master, takes classes on the chemistry of the body and mind. College is all about learning where you want to fit into life.

3. Sleep Resets Your Mental Clarity

Your mind is constantly active. Besides all the sights, sounds, and distractions bombarding your world every minute of each day, you also have thoughts that flitter through your mind at the rate of one per second. With all that clutter, it is little wonder at the end of the day you need time to relax and clear your mind. Sleep is the key. Although you may be tempted to skimp on sleep, do yourself a favor and get a good night’s rest to reset your mental clarity.

4. Be You, But Take Time To Discover Who You Are

Independence is a joy as you move away from home and begin to make your own decisions, but it can be easy to be swept away in a group mentality in the excitement of the freedom. Discovering who you are, what you believe, and how you feel about life can be an exciting journey if you take time to listen to yourself. You may want to be a pilot, practice lobbying, or join the law firm of Cordell & Cordell. You are the only one that can define who you will become over the next year.

5. Do Not Skip Classes Unless Necessary

College classes may seem like the last thing you want to go to when you wake first thing in the morning, but there can be something said about learning something new each day. Learning changes your brain’s chemistry, forms neural pathways, fights boredom, and makes like more interesting. Most importantly of all, learning new things can expand your world view and make you a happier person.

6. Enlarge Your Circle of Friends

Happiness is one of the most contagious things on earth. Laughter, joy, and pleasure can all be shared with others as you enlarge your circle of friends. Friends can ease your worries, help alleviate your stress, build optimism, and make you laugh. Surprisingly, friendships can also help you live a longer, more fulfilled life. So, take time to make friends during your college years because they will probably last a lifetime.

7. Be Creative to Unlock the Real You

Whether it is music, art, dancing, or singing, almost everyone has a creative side that defines who they are and what they love. Releasing your creative energy allows you to unlock the real you, so take time to do what you enjoy doing – be creative.

Attending university can be an exciting experience as your world views expand, and you find out what you believe in. No matter what else happens during those four fun-filled, exhilarating years, do not forget to be happy. Follow the seven tips above to create a happy life.