The resumption of activities after the summer months it is normal practice for those who face a new year of high school. Everyone knows what awaits him and the return is as resume a thread temporarily disbanded. For some, however, this time means that the time is near of choices . For those who have decided to enjoy their holidays before thinking about what to do after passing the exams, is pretty tight with the times. Many have already signed up, while others have attempted the path of admission in different universities of the peninsula and are awaiting the results or are not able to overcome the various entrance test. So different angles from which to see the same situation: the ‘ university entrance .


Sure bet big on a first choice and not be accepted results is an unpleasant sensation but it is said that a similar experience if they can not come out with a better perspective. If you’ve tried the admission in other universities without fail and you also desire to enroll at university, you might consider to subscribe to LUMSA , universities operating in Rome, Palermo, Tarantino and Grubbing. So if after taking a look at the training offer LUMSA, you think you want you enroll please visit our website section ‘Studying at LUMSA’. There are things to know to enter the graduate program of your choice. Attention to deadlines , though! If, in addition to looking for a studio environment that enhances your grow as a person, which integrates the university facilities, making them immediately accessible, allowing a fruitful dialogue with the teachers oriented to deepen the contents of study and possible career prospects, this is the LUMSA .

Lumsa is also easily accessible . Its offices in Rome are at the heart of the capital just a short distance between them. Remember in life you try different paths before you make the right choice and final. The concept is even more so when it comes to universities. And the data from the 2011 National AlmaLaurea say that ‘s 86.1 percent of graduates LUMSA you would write again, a sign that many have found the right way at the very LUMSA.