The abbreviation is the graphical representation of a reduced word obtained by removing a few letters or syllables.

For a short justification must be removed two or three letters of the original word and end with a period. There are two ways to form abbreviations by truncation or contraction.

Abbreviations formation truncation

Is to delete letters or syllables end: p. by page, art. per item. Such abbreviations can never end in a vowel. When it comes to fixed formulas, it is necessary to shorten all the words within them, such as RIP for rest in peace.


Abbreviations formation of shrinkage

Is to eliminate central letters leaving only the most representative, as Mr lord, dept. or dept. by department. The abbreviations have the letter or final letters flown , also formed by contraction: B. No. by neighborhood, n. ° per issue.

The female of Abbreviations

Is formed by replacing the male , when it ends in -o , the vowel -to : Bro., sr. by brother, sister. When the male ends in a consonant, add an a, which can be flown or not: Atty., Esq. (graduate, graduate), but also accepted as Lic both male and for female. The to flown to mark the female when the male ends in a consonant, can be written underlined or not underlined: Prof. meetings, Prof , for Professor.

The plural of abbreviations

The formation of the plural depends on the method of forming the abbreviation:

# If was obtained by truncation, add the -s: provs. to provinces.
# If contraction was obtained, apply the general rules of plural formation and add -s or -en : nos. by numbers, apts. or Depts. department.

Spelling rules of Abbreviations

# They keep the accent of the original word: p. , page, Ref. , code.
# The initial capitalization also preserved: Bs Aires , Buenos Aires.
# Always written with a capital letter abbreviations for forms of address: You ., you, Mr. , sir.
# Abbreviations behind always written point except where the point is replaced by a bar: e / in between, c / c current account. When flown letters, the point is written in front of them:, Sr.a. The abbreviations of measurement units like g, l, km, m , and so on. Abbreviations are not, but symbols therefore no point are written.

It is noteworthy that the aliases can be created by any user of the Spanish language, as long as it complies with the rules of formation of the abbreviations.