As expected, the announcement of the Minister of Education, University and Research Stefania Giannini want to delete the entry test in Medicine replacing it with a system similar to the French one has quickly become one of the hot topics in the university world. And after the positive reactions of many students and student associations, to the criticism of some universities now joins an online petition for the maintenance of the status quo and abolition admission test in medicine.

Published on the platform of online petitions May 20, in less than three days the request to the Minister Giannini to retrace his steps, and not to abolish the test for admission to Medicine-called “Maintaining the entrance test for undergraduate courses for the health professions (medicine and surgery) has already collected more than 500 signatures.


Among the reasons given in the wording of the petition for the maintenance of the test, excels the will of a honest and transparent selection, which could not be guaranteed by the abolition of a “quiz objective and not subject to preferential in favor of a system that gives complete discretion of the faculty. “But it also appears the concern of the evaluation criteria that teachers could take to skim the high number of students at the end of the first year, which could turn into a “terrorist approach.”

Other critical issues are the same as highlighted by the universities if the test for admission to Medicine was canceled and we were to opt for a free access to the first year, with what resources facilities, classrooms, faculty our universities could face thousands of aspiring doctors? And, if there are any number of revisions also closed, as the labor market could absorb the largest number of graduates, even given the continuing cuts to the fellowships? Finally, the petitioners argue, abolish the admission test in medicine would be “a bitter injustice against those who have prepared and passed the quiz”, between sacrifice and high costs for families are also connected to the national ranking that has seen many students having to move away from home.