The Polytechnic University of Milan raises: internationalization goal. From the next academic year degree courses in language English will be more than 8 out of 10. challenge the University of Milan, and, in even more open to the world, from the academic year 2015-2016 more than 80 percent of undergraduate courses Level II will be provided master’s degrees in English. From 17 at present to 29 (8 of which will remain even in the Italian version), while only 5 will be the Master of Science with teaching exclusively in Italian.

Strengthen the educational offer in the English language is certainly not new, the agenda of the Rector of the Polytechnic of Milan. Who had already tried half a revolution, with master’s degrees and doctorates in English only, but was stopped by the Tar year ago, after an appeal by 150 professors of the university. The question, then, had raised some controversy among those who saw the only way for an internationalization in English effectively, and those who defended the need for courses in Italian.


But the decision of the TAR did not deter the leaders of the Polytechnic University of Milan. And so next year the courses will be in English rather than enhanced. The difference compared to a year ago? Purely technical. If then it had been a resolution of the Senate to provide courses in English, today it is the individual courses of study to express a willingness to go in a foreign language. Thus, the transformation is no longer a decision from above, but a position of the various degree courses, including the Academic Senate does nothing but take note, and approving official.

All satisfied? Not really. Thus, the rector of the Polytechnic of Milan Giovanni: “We have respected the decision of the TAR, and we did not give binding instructions. Our initial idea was different, however, because we had expected that from next academic year, one hundred percent of the courses would be in a foreign language. We wanted to have international classes, with many foreign students, and to attract them we chose English. ” A desire which, after the rejection of the Tar and the use of the university, he is still waiting for the decision of the Council of State.