For admission to the faculty of ‘ area communication-education is not provided a limited number for the law. The only exception is the degree in Primary Education which, however, is one of the options set by the programmed number. The other option of this branch of study in the same resort entrance test , mandatory and selective, because of the many applications for registration as they often receive.

Topics and Durability

Admission in communication-education is usually adjusted by test involving questions on the following topics:

* General Culture mostly focused on topics concerning especially history and current events;
* Logic
* Language skills sector, for example, about the world of media.

The time allotted for the conduct of the test for admission to communication-education can vary from less than an hour to more than two hours. The admission of the communication-education includes within two main areas: the degree of the field of communication and the arts, and what about education and primary education.


In the field of admittance in communication-education includes courses degree in Disciplines of Art , Music and entertainment ( DAMS ). The test for admission to the DAMS generally relate to the same arguments as those provided for communication with the addition of some specific skills : reading comprehension, comprehension of Italian and foreign notions of art. If the degree program, however, includes not only the address but also show Multimedia, then, in addition to the aforementioned examination subjects of the test for admission to communication-education, we add: computer science, physics and mathematics.

Finally, even for undergraduate courses in Sociology, Public Communication and International plus additional topics than those for admission to the communication-education, such as: knowledge of the Italian language and skills on specific issues relating to the course of study. For the degree course in Education disciplines examination are laid down in the admission of the communication in general-education with some variations. They are:

* General culture and education ;
* History and current events;
* Comprehension of texts in Italian;
* Basics of computer science , mathematics and logic .


In the final classification for admission to communication-education, in general, the criterion of scoring provides a minimum incidence of the vote received on the State and a higher incidence of the outcome of the test. In case of a tie, the candidate will be favored younger. This criterion is homogeneous with respect to all degree courses in this area.