Admission for foreign students:

International students seeking admission at the National University of Singapore must meet the general and specific R EQUIREMENTS proposed for each degree. Generally, you must have completed 12 years of education for admission to the NUS (which usually equates to having arrived at the course prior to university studies). The university has a page that breaks down the requirements for various educational systems worldwide.

National University of Singapore

In addition to these basic requirements, you may be in some degree we require other prerequisites , mainly related to the knowledge of certain disciplines such as mathematics or physics, for example. For admission to any degree is necessary to prove a certain level of English by submitting results of standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.

The application form must be completed online. In addition to the application should be sent to the Admissions Office copies of birth certificate or passport, the test results that prove our level of English transcript of our qualifications, medical certificates and other documentation required by the university. In case the documents are not in English, is to be accompanied by a translation. For detailed information about the documentation to be submitted, we recommend visiting the website of the NUS.
The NUS system during the year 2007-2008 has to generate a 8 character alphanumeric PIN that will serve us later to check the status of our application online and even respond to the letter of admission from the university. Along with the admission procedures is also necessary to pay some application fees (non refundable), which in 2007-2008 amounted to $ 20.

Admission to other international programs:

The International Relations Office, NUS provides information on various exchange programs and studies offered to international students, among which we highlight the Student Exchange Programme. Some programs may be restricted to students of certain nationalities.

Financing options:

International students can obtain grants to pursue their studies at the National University of Singapore, although some are restricted to certain nationalities. There are several possibilities for European Union citizens and institutions of countries belonging to various educational organizations such as the Asia-Europe Foundation.

In addition, all international students are automatically eligible for the tuition grant (tuition scholarship), which covers tuition and for which the student agrees to work in Singapore for three years after graduation. If desired, must be reported to the Registrar’s Office. For more complete information on the Tuition Grant, it is best to visit the website of the Ministry of Education of Singapore.Same information about the awards, scholarships and grants for international students at the NUS.