The admission to Psychology by law is not among those in a limited number . Yet it is increasingly common practice for admission to the Psychology faculty should set up a test for admission , selective and compulsory for all candidates who wish to enroll in graduate courses of this branch of study. Let’s see what are the characteristics of Admission to Psychology.


For admission to Psychology must demonstrate the following basic requirements:

* Skills of general culture,
* Verbal comprehension, logical-mathematical-statistical
* Fundamentals of biology .

Duration and Topics

The exam topics for admission to Psychology are: Mathematics and specifically: numerical sets and calculation, geometry, functions, classical algebra, statistics and probability, solving mathematical problems;
In general, the time that is given to support the admission test in Psychology can vary from one to two hours and the questions always have a structure with multiple answers. Interested candidates, however, to take the test for the degree course in Disciplines for Social Service , which is part of one of the addresses in admission to Psychology, must answer questions on different topics and specific, such as contemporary history, current events, education civic and literature.



Psychology for admission to the panel of judges to give the total score is based for 60-65% of the score on the test and for 35-40% of the vote brought back to school-leaving examination . In case of a tie between candidates will be given priority to the younger candidate. With regard to the assessment of the evidence for the degree course in Disciplines for Social Service, the classification criteria are the same as for admission to Psychology: there are penalties for incorrect answers and points awarded for the correct ones are identical. Even for admission to this degree program has a relative importance in the formulation of the final mark, the mark of the maturity.