It is getting closer to the day of admission test in Medicine in 2013 and this year for the candidates will be more difficult than ever to grab one of the available seats. The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) announced a few days ago the figure for the number of pre-registrations to the test carried out through the portal Universality, stating that it will be 84,165 aspiring white coats who will sit on supporting the test on the 9th of September.

The more than 84 thousand registrations received by July 18 last year, the deadline to complete the process on the portal Universality, far exceed the number of places available: this year will be 10,748 who may enroll for degree courses Master’s course in Medicine and Surgery and just 984 students who will enroll in Dentistry. Which means that only 1 out of 7 candidate (to be more precise, 1 each 7.17) actually be able to access the desired course of study, while all others will opt for other faculties or try again next year.


The data released by the Ministry of Education show that the inscriptions in the admission test in medicine are up 23 percent from last year. In 2012, in fact, were 68,426 students who have stood the test well 15,730 in less than those who do will in September of this year, a sign that young Italians always consider more attractive professions of doctor and dentist, especially in a period of economic crisis like the one that the country is going through in recent years. According to the statistical analysis conducted annually by the various agencies and research institutions, moreover, graduates in the health area are among those who most quickly fit into the world of work and that they also have higher salaries.

In addition to the huge number of members in the admission test, 2013, to make it even more difficult to grab one of the few places there is also the fact that this year will come into force the national ranking each candidate and if the will not only with those who will sit in the same university, but also with all the other young people who will carry out the test in the rest of Italy. This measure, created to avoid a repeat of the significant differences in the scores of those admitted between the various universities, however, is likely to penalize those who have less chance to go to study far from home, because if they were to evaporate for the opportunity to study in chosen university, could be forced to relinquish the lack of the necessary resources to move at a university in another province or region.

While waiting for the fateful day, while he is still waiting for the new table of percentiles for the allocation of the much-disputed bonus maturity (which should arrive by August 30), to those who are enrolled in the admission test in Medicine in 2013 it only remains to prepare – either alone or through one of the many (and sometimes expensive) courses offered around the country – and cross your fingers hoping to be among the 11,732 lucky future white coats.