This year the white coat confirms its appeal. Candidates enrolled in the admission test in April to get into the degree courses in one cycle in Medicine and Dentistry of universities are public universities, according to preliminary data, 69 603. Compared to 2013 the number of aspiring doctors and dentists has increased by 530 units, while it remained more or less stable than those that link access to Veterinary: you are enrolled in the trial in 8041 (last year was 8,050). In the fall, however, applications for Architecture: 13,261 against 14,877 last year.

This is the time to provisional data : the number of members, in fact, will only be finalized after March 18, the date by which entries (which ended on 11 March at 15) must be confirmed by the payment contribution – € 53 € – scheduled for participation in the entrance exam 2014. This year, the aspirants will vie for 10,551 seats for Medicine and Dentistry and 774 for Veterinary Medicine. The space available for Architecture, however, will be around 7,621. As for medicine, the figure also includes the seats reserved for foreign students not residing in Italy, exclusively for this degree program may be used if they are not covered.


The admission test 2014 for those who aspire to attend the course of Medicine and Dentistry and Dental Implants to be held on April 8, while the next day will be the turn of Veterinary Medicine. For those who are enrolled in the trial of Architecture, the appointment will be, instead, April 10. The candidates will face a questionnaire of 60 questions in 100 minutes , with a novelty: changing the breakdown of the number of questions for each topic, as amended in favor of the above disciplinary matters. To know the results of the test you will have to wait until April 22 for Medicine and Dentistry, Veterinary April 23 and April 24 for Architecture. Instead, the national merit list will be published on May 12 and will close on October 1.

After the news of the advance of the admission test 2014 from September to April, many graduates had been born in the concern you are unable to prepare in time. Nevertheless, the provisional data on enrollments seems that they have decided not to run for office, although you should still see how many actually within the next week will confirm their participation. Indeed, according to the figures, young people are more and more attraction to medicine. What, however, does not continue to tolerate the number is closed, against which it has been called the national campaign, which, say its promoters, “aims to dismantle piece by piece all those pillars places to justify a system that harms thousands of students every year. ”