English is a language that is spoken around the world. And ‘the official language of the United States, England and Australia, but has often spoken in other countries. There are many benefits in learning to speak English, but it is a challenging process. It may be the second most difficult language to learn because of all the idiosyncrasies involved in his vocabulary. English has become, however, a “universal” language. one in four people in the world speaks English and this language has official status or special in at least 75 countries. But the commonality of the English language can mislead people on some of the drawbacks of language. Educators and those interested in learning English, should recognize these disadvantages so that they can counterbalance the advantages of studying English. In today’s article, we’ll go right to see all the pros and cons of learning this universal language. However, it is a language worth learning for the wealth of information and opportunities (including labor) that can offer to each of us.

learning english


When traveling abroad, knowing English is a great advantage. If you want to visit the United States, England or Australia, it will be a great advantage to know how to speak English. In addition, this language is spoken often in other countries such as auxiliary language, so it’s good for everyone to learn how to move on the international stage. English is popular all over the world and it would be very useful for a traveler, even if his level of knowledge is essential.


Most of the works of the academic world have been published in English. And even many of the most prestigious universities in the world are English speaking. If you want to continue your education in a major Western university, you will not be able to do this without learning to speak English fluently.

Information and communication

A great deal of material on the Internet is in English. And do not have access to this great source of information is a problem for those unfamiliar with the English language. Not to mention that knowing the language will be easier to communicate with millions of people online who speak English through social networking sites. Although other languages ​​are used with these technologies, English is the dominant one!

English is hard to learn

The main disadvantage of studying English is that it is difficult to learn! The spelling part is a matter of storage due to the various words that sound in a way and have written another! In addition, there are many words that mean the same or almost the same, making it sometimes difficult to know what is the right word to use. The words in a sentence can receive “stress” different that change the meaning of the phrase, which is not something that occurs commonly in other languages! Conjugate verbs correctly is also a nightmare for many students! Learning to speak English requires commitment, but there are many options to study the language properly and have an excellent fluidity of language.

Flexibility and rigidity

The written English has very strict rules about syntax (for example, the subject before the predicate). In addition, he speaks English in the way he writes! For example, it is perfectly acceptable in spoken English to say “I wonder what’s going on,” ending with a preposition “hanging”. This mix of rigidity and flexibility can be confusing for students of the language, especially given the extent of English vocabulary.

Endangered language

As pointed out by Joe Kloc, journalist of ” Mother Jones “magazine, some languages ​​are disappearing all over the world! This is because more and more people focus on the benefits of the English language, thus abandoning their native language. Kloc goes beyond the loss of language and associated with the loss of culture, since the language is able to provide a sense of authenticity to a people and is part of the way people express themselves and maintain their beliefs.