The sex is increasingly taking the field in the universities all over the world. Thus, while in Moscow is the first university in which you learn the art of eroticism in the prestigious and ancient seat of Harvard was born the first club to S & M, that is, for those who resort to erotic practices based on ‘imposition of physical pain , but also mental, often using tools rather “unusual” love traditional approaches, such as handcuffs and whip.

The club bdsm, born in one of the most important universities of the world, it’s called Harvard College Munch for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) . He was not born so much for the practice of alternative sex, but rather for demonstrations and urge sharp to discuss this “hot” topic. For the official newspaper of the students who attend the university the U.S., the ‘ Harvard Crimson , it would be “a goal important – it says – that does not deserve to be sensationalized: a call for tolerance , a mature approach and acceptance of Interest Sexual alternative.


Students currently attending the club for S & M are thirty , but none of them is willing to reveal the name for fear of jeopardizing their college career. The official recognition of this circle allows those who are associated with the time to meet for lunch or dinner in the campus and ask SUBSIDIES i like other student associations more normal. club like that, but not recognized, there are also in other universities of prestige as Tufts, Columbia, MIT and Yale.

Meanwhile in Moscow has opened, recently, the doors of the first universities in the world where sex is taught, even the mouth. The goal is to explain to women how to win and hold on to her man. In this regard, the members go to class both practical and theoretical three times a week, using, if necessary, bananas and sex toys of phallic: Every woman in bed says psychologist and sexologist Russian Catherine Luminosity can be the actress who is the director of the deepest fantasies of your partner. And if it is able to be dissolved in various sexual techniques, the success in the eyes of his men is guaranteed.

A few months ago, however, just outside Vienna was opened the first school in the world of sex practical, the Austrian International School of Sex, where the results seem to be guaranteed.