The subsidized loans for college are paid after that universities have signed the agreements with the banks. In detail, is the university attended by the student that enters into the agreement with a particular bank. The practice of the agreement between universities and the bank is generally the same in all the national territory, might change the economic conditions of student loans according to the terms offered by the bank or some of the services offered to students.

Often, the bank may consider the individual terms and conditions regarding the provision of student loans, conditions that are contracted with the University concerned, on the basis of pathways activated within the same studies, the number of students enrolled, on objectives to be achieved through the provision of the loan related to the conditions of merit of the student.


The highlights of the convection between universities and banks to grant loans to support their university studies broadly reflect this pattern: the possibility for students to benefit from an annual sum that can be used as a personal loan or through a ‘opening of credit in the current account.

The official websites of the universities shows the information of the agreements signed with the banks, where extreme importance is also given to the economic conditions of the loan of honor, or the sum paid, duration, mode of use of the credit line and repayment. But if these issues are, in fact, the terms offered by the bank for this particular type of loan, the agreement with the University allows you to define , black on white, with the substantive requirements of the student , on the basis of characteristics such as the student will be able to get a loan without submitting any collateral.

One of these requirements is to be in line with the CFU – Credits . A fact that can not be found by consulting the “information sheets” of the bank branch, but only the act to the agreement or the agreement between the university and the bank. However, the sites of universities and affiliated banks make known about these requirements. Just also run the donwload documentation in pdf agreement which, by now, banks publish on their portals. Also in the conventions are established reason for using student loans that can be used to attend master degree or doctoral research .