At the option of studying in classrooms, as the Official Language School, or online courses, add others, such as cooking classes in English

The need to speak English now seems obvious. The northern European countries dominate the language of Shakespeare as their native language, but in Spain learn English remains the eternal unresolved. Academies, schools, web pages, employers or professors known as Richard Vaughan, successfully take advantage of this market launching courses, trips, conferences and activities of various kinds.

Official School of Languages: quality at a good price

Within classrooms include courses offered by the Official Language School , a public body of prestige for learning different languages, it is also quite economical, their places are hotly contested, the British Institute, also offers quality training, although at prices quite high, there are the private academies.


Cooking classes in English

Outside of the classroom there is also a wide choice alternative. In Madrid, cooking classes in English in the company of MS-Training courses in collaboration with the library gastronomic A Point (C / Pelayo 60), where they teach to prepare American dishes, for most athletes, there are sessions boot camp by afternoon in Retiro Park. A sport based on military training, to practice English while training intensively for an hour of exercise: running, sit ups, boxing.

Nights language exchange

They are also well known pubs and nights organizing exchange between native and foreign languages. In Madrid there are Tuesday at 22 am at the bar O’Neill’s (C / prince 12), and Thursday Beer Station. The latter represent monologues in English in addition to five euros on the third Thursday of each month. From these premises are also organized trips to the cinema to comment after the movies. The company organizes short quotes Spanglish Exchange. In a bar, around a table, five native English speakers and Spanish speakers in turn five, five minutes in each language, five euros for participating and a drink.

The success of the method Vaughan

Richard Vaughan has created an empire around teaching English in Spain. Company owner Vaughan Systems has created a highly successful teaching, including his own television and radio, which has made ​​him so famous. It is also a founding member of the English People and Vaughan Town, immersion programs 6-8 days in rural enclaves, where participants live intense days consisting talking between 12 and 15 hours a day with native English speakers. Prices range between 1700 and 1900 euros.

Also proliferate web pages to learn languages. A good site for initial levels is . Quote also Word reference , online dictionary with definitions, synonyms and translations into English, French, Italian and Portuguese, and the program Translate now , for those who need a little more in tune translations.