Since its establishment, the government Letta had promised he would not make cuts on culture, research and universities, but just yesterday in the House, during the debate on the decree ‘of doing’ has been approved an amendment of the majority that cuts funding for to institutions most deserving of 240 million euro. This money will go instead to the Foundation for the credit, a creation of the former minister Gelmini, which is private.

The first reactions were swift. The rector of the University of Bologna Ivano Dionigi, has branded the decision as “unfortunate”, and went on to lament that “instead of providing specific funds and additives for the sacred cause of capable and deserving, take off the entire system university. ” The planned cuts by the amendment to the decree ‘of doing’ approved yesterday will make a part of the share of rewards designed to universities who have distinguished themselves in the evaluation made ​​from ANVUR is instead diverted elsewhere, which is why the Conference of Rectors (CRUI) is ready to do battle.


The rankings of ANVUR , the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research, were published only a few days ago, and at the same time it was announced an increase in funds available to universities most deserving for a total of 1.2 billion euro. And now this figure were subtracted from 240 million that, if the Senate were to change anything, will go to fund the Foundation for the merit established by law Gelmini.

The foundation is purely private and aims to promote the most deserving students. The project, in fact, provided that might arise is a collaboration with the industrial system , so that should have been their employers to ensure resources and sustainability. With the amendment to the decree ‘of doing’ approved yesterday, instead, to finance it are diverting public funds, cutting the resources that should be up to the universities.

While the concerns spread a little ‘everywhere in the university world, the decree ‘of doing’ continues its path. The hope is that the rectors of the amendment is revised or deleted during the discussion in the Senate , and that the cuts in funding for universities deserve to be canceled.