I’m not kidding.  Have you ever considered that an interview is just like a first date?  You get dressed up in your nicest clothes and groom yourself until you look your very best.  You are on your best behavior – you’re going to say please and thank you and there will be no casual behavior that you might exhibit with your family or friends.  There’s a great deal of anticipation – you wonder what the other person is going to be like and you hope that the person will like you in return.  You make your very best impression on the person and hope that the interviewer will call you back for another meeting.

face interview

But what if you don’t make it clear to the interviewer that you like the career opportunity, the company and even the person interviewing you?  Perhaps you went into the interview with a casual, kick the tires, let’s go in there and see what happens kind of attitude instead of being in a true interview frame of mind.  What do I mean when I say interview frame of mind?  You spend some time in preparation for the interview, researching the company and formulating a list of questions you have.  You go into the meeting with the attitude that this could be the best career opportunity for you in the world and want to do whatever you need to do to win the position.  Before you finish the interview you clearly communicate an interest in moving forward.

What happens if you go into an interview with a casual attitude?  Maybe after speaking with the interviewer for a few minutes you realize this is a great opportunity for you and your career.  You suddenly get excited and interested but it is too late – you’ve already made a somewhat poor showing with your lack of enthusiasm. You may have killed your chances of getting the job.

Let’s go back to the first date metaphor.  Wouldn’t you rather have the other person wanting a second date while you aren’t so sure about it, instead of you sitting at home hoping and praying the other person will call you for another date?  It’s the same with an interview.  It’s much nicer to make the good impression and have the interviewer like you and want to bring you back instead of having them be lukewarm about you.  It’s so much nicer for you to be the one turning down the second interview instead of being turned down by the company.