Faced with the difficulties sometimes encountered when seeking student scholarships for your studies abroad, the temptation may seem high to turn to an organization seeking scholarships for you. careful, you go on one of the markets most fraudulent since the creation of the internet! Research organizations scholarships exist, and can provide you with quality service, however very many traps to avoid.

Organizations seeking grants to avoid:

Many organizations are actually headed for the purpose of abusing students. If some deserve your trust, others will not hesitate to put forward arguments to hide their dishonesty. Here are some phrases that can identify this type of false research organizations Scholarship:

“Your scholarship is guaranteed or we pay you your money.” No organization can guarantee unfortunately scholarship to a student, over the repayment terms are often accompanied by small lines the disabling most of the time, see routinely.

“You can not get this information anywhere else.” programs scholarships are intended to help students, and therefore especially interest to make themselves known. The legitimate information found elsewhere therefore do not exist. Illegitimate by information against.


“I just need your credit card or account number to get this scholarship.” Never send your bank details to an organization of this type, it can be during a flight bank details.

“We do all the work.” You must unfortunately apply yourself to scholarships, and not the agency. “The scholarship will cost you money.” This scholarship is to support students in need by donating money. Since when donations are paying?

“You have been selected for a scholarship” or “you win a contest entitling you to a scholarship” . If you did not registered in this competition, it is likely that the organization offering you is not more regulations.

If you do use an agency, ask before but also during the process. See if scholarship programs to which it directs you are legitimate or not. Feel free to keep writing all your trade, fraud trace, it will facilitate foreign aid or in extreme cases a lawsuit.