Degree online is not impossible. The statistics report encouraging results. The call line universities. But they are much more. In step with the times now many universities provide cutting-edge platforms with which you can see lessons from a PC at any time with a simple mp3 or listen. Ten years ago it would have been impossible. Now you too can graduate with an online course.

The degree awarded by universities telematics is valid in all respects. now more and more private universities are based on the online courses. Why? Because in addition to qualifications, companies also require experience in the field. Sometimes the title is not enough and more and more workers attending courses working. Telematic universities give his students the opportunity to plan the study according to business needs and personal, something that would be impossible in traditional universities.

You study of slides and handouts, mp3 and video files be listened at any time. For in-depth analysis of the texts are recommended, but not essential. What you need to know is already on the material carefully prepared by the teachers. Teachers are available by appointment and the tutor can be contacted for clarification from the control panel, via telephone per-mail. Everything happens quickly, unlike traditional universities. How many times we waited for hours a teacher before we have a word?


The tests are carried out in writing or orally according to the university. checks are provided on-line before the ‘examination in order to verify their own profit. The Secretary Office is available at any time and takes care to attend to every bureaucratic practice. In most forums give you the opportunity to exchange information and impressions with other students.

How to choose it? Primarily based on the preparation of teachers and the operation of the platform. Already from the first interview you can realize it with the simulation applications and the seriousness of the structure. Beware of universities that rely on promoters who are eager to make you sign a contract and they respond to your questions approximate. Be wary of those who say: If you sign the contract today the cost is n, If we re-contacts tomorrow is increased by 30%. Some universities telematics on the market today rely instead to a voice inside, very knowledgeable, able to understand whether the curriculum online will lead you to achieve your goal.

Depending on your profession and the degree of choice may be issued credits and consequently subscribers some tests, of course with the release of a document of certified company where it is your job. Not all universities are alert to this possibility and few will put in writing the findings. To Conclude the presence of the tutor is essential. Are through fragility students and teachers as they are aware of the program disturb. Must be available on the platform.