For many years now it has been set up in public schools (elementary and secondary) Institute of teacher support , which is an academic support dedicated to the classes in which they are kids who have learning disabilities, cognitive delay, or any disability that require the support of these teachers. It is a right of students with disabilities, in some cases the family, however, can be considered, in its sole and responsible freedom of choice, that the academic support is not necessary or even that it is not suited to the particular situation or to the particular disability. You can then give the settlement support, as we see in this guide.

the teacher

First we see how state law about this matter. The law regulates the inclusion of disabled children within the public schools by placing a ceiling in the same class, in relation to the number of learners. Pupils which is intended the support have limited support for a number of hours clearly defined in advance and that is appropriate to the objectives. Even in severe cases, if the parents do not share the amount of hours allocated to support their child may appeal through the Regional Administrative Court. Instead a little ‘softer the line if the aide does not meet the needs of the student, in this case the family will require replacement of the same or simply surrender.

So it’s the same law says that each pupil has a disability has the right to support. However the family if deemed necessary, may request the suspension of the support. More common is instead a request for replacement of the teacher support if does not meet the real needs of integration and is a hindrance or obstacle to learning objective pupil. The Headmaster prior approval of the Regional School will appoint a new taught using the school rankings.

The Act regulates this sensitive matter to the 14 paragraph 1 Law 104 of the year 1992. She herself says that as for in-service teachers also those support should ensure their presence for the cycle of studies (5 years). Although there may be renunciation teacher support by parents is also true that if the current conditions of the pupil may be a problem or a danger to himself and to the rest of the class , the body responsible for deciding will be the juvenile court. Clearly, in more severe cases.