More or less coincide with the World Day for the elimination of violence against women established by the UN, which occurs every November 25th, comes the news that the University of Bologna is the first Italian university to have a course dedicated to the which in Italy is a real social emergency. The course will be part of the curriculum of the bachelor’s degree in philosophy, it will be mandatory and will serve to give a fresh perspective on the phenomenon son of a cultural model wrong, but widespread, as unfortunately demonstrated by the data on germicide.

In this course will strongly dedicated to violence against women were the professors Annarita Angelini and Valeria Babini , who, to cope with the scarcity of available resources, even went looking for sponsors , finally managed to convince a pharmaceutical company to at least bear the travel expenses of speakers. The course, which will run for 15 hours from February to May, will involve not only faculty of the University of Bologna, but also external speakers as the writer Dacia Maraini, Remo Bodei, Adriano Prosperi, Lea Melandri (historical exponent of Italian feminism ), psychologists and lawyers. As part of the course devoted to violence against women are also scheduled screenings of films such as “The Women” and “Marianne Ucrias”, which will be open to the public.


The course on violence against women organized by the University of Bologna has also collected the praise of the minister Maria Chiara Carrozza , and is a point of pride for the rector Ivano Dionigi , which emphasizes that, through such initiatives, the role may be fully accomplished of “supervision of thought” that’s just the university: “Our task is to train citizens integers: if it does not the university, who now does it?” he said.

The initiative of the University of Bologna was born – explain the faculty members who have been promoting – the belief that “the university can not remain indifferent to the issue of violence against women, “but rather must make its own contribution to the training and combat it prevent it. According to the professors Angelini Babini and the way to achieve this is “a rigorous analysis of the cultural substratum on which it is grown, the unsettled mentality , widespread and subtly conniving that still feeds tolerating unequal power relations, abuses, violations, and relegating them to the realm of private behavior or pathological. ” And it is precisely what you set out the course which will start in February, with the hope that other universities will follow suit.