Founded in 1856 in the mountains of eastern Alabama, now Auburn University, Alabama Polytechnic Institute formally, is the largest university in Alabama, with approximately 22,000 students from 100 countries around the world. The university offers several university degrees, postgraduate courses and other programs that include academic fields: business and administration, agriculture, education, social science, engineering, health sciences, nursing, arts, medicine, pharmacy, design, forestry ..

Auburn University

Students feel very proud of their university and the culture they have created on campus. It is a university of many traditions in which visitors and city share, for example, every year at the beginning of football season, the team walks the streets of the city for fans to greet them and Camp War Eagle that gives the Welcome new students in September.Furthermore, the university has an extensive sports program, through which everyone can enjoy sports such as football, baseball, basketball, golf, swimming, rugby, tennis or athletics, and participates in a competitive contest each year. It also offers an extensive program of clubs and societies to which you can join.


Like all universities in the U.S., the admission of students at Auburn University is very competitive and you have to get outstanding grades to be considered. To enter university, all students must do the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Assessment The Test (SAT).

Besides the above tests, students whose first language is not English must submit a minimum score of 213 on the exam TOEFL (Test of as a Foreign Language Español). The agency, which on examination, have to spend your results to the admissions office at the university, if not, the results are not considered official and will not be considered as a candidate. Alternatively, the university offers the opportunity to make your program as a Second Language Español (ESL). It offers students who do not speak English fluently, but has knowledge of the language, the chance to get used to the language, the city and culture in the U.S. and do the TOEFL exam with the help of university professors.

Auburn University

Students must make two copies of their transcripts and their current school must send one to the admissions office, and another independent credentials evaluator. All documents must be translated by an official agency.The university must receive your request to the October 15 if you want to start in the spring semester (January to May) or around 15 May for the fall semester (August to December).


With his application for admission, you must include evidence that you can pay for your studies in the U.S., as Affidavit of Financial Suppor t and a letter from your bank . I remember that international students receive no financial aid from the U.S. government.


Scholarships for international students, but are very limited and competitive. The university does not provide scholarships for students unless you have obtained outstanding grades. To receive aid, the college requires you to have a minimum 3.5 GPA and a score of 29 (in ACT) or 1350 (the SAT).There is the possibility of receiving a scholarship outside the university and The Association of International Educators is a list of scholarships available to international students.


Auburn University offers its students a choice of rooms for one person or two. Each building has a program of Residence Life to the university established to create a fun atmosphere. It is also a good opportunity to meet other students in the building and other races. Organized sporting events, opportunities to study with friends, cooking and more.The options offered are two student residences or shared apartments. There are four buildings scattered around the campus:

The Extension:
Have two students per apartment and there The Extension Community Center is an informal area for students to relax,, play pool, study, play sports or watch TV. Also, laundry service, microwave and mailroom.

Residence Halls Hill:
It has only 10 residences and two for women and men. These residences can be occupied by two people in each room, but there are only a person who wants more privacy. Each floor has its own laundry and mail rooms. Near residences, the cafeteria, shop and business center of the university.

Quad Residence Halls:
Located near the center of the university and close to the classrooms, there are two floors exclusively for women and eight-story mixed. Also here, there is the possibility to have a room for one person, but these are limited and most rooms are for two. The deli and FoodEagle War Court, is very close to residences.

The Village:
The Caroline Droughton Village apartment consists of one person and two people. Each apartment has its own bathroom, kitchen and furniture.It is possible to live off campus in the city. If you do that, do not hesitate to visit sites of agencies such as A uburn Apartment Guides and find more information at the university.

Contact for students :

The University has a variety of services that provides international students with a quick adjustment to college life, among which are English programs, service offices and other organizations.There is on campus, organizations that provide cultural, social and sports throughout the year, for students of all nationalities to meet and get used to his new life. So, are organized parties, film and theater as part of the International Student Association. It is a useful contact to find information about international students before you get to know what the university offers to international students.