Many of the articles you’ll find on this blog are positive and meant to be helpful to prevent you from making a big mistake in a job interview questions and answer or in your job search process. So what are the mistakes you can make in an interview? Here are a few that you’ll want to avoid.

Interview questions and answer.

interview questions and answer

You don’t have to wear a Brooks Brothers suit to be properly dressed for an interview, but you do need to wear a professional looking outfit. I once interviewed a person who was in head to toe pink – pink top, pink pants, pink shoes and even pink nail polish. Needless to say she didn’t make a professional appearance.

Poor personal appearance.

Along with dressing appropriately, make sure your clothing is clean and free of rips or tears, and that you have an overall pulled together look. If it’s a new outfit, make sure to cut the tags off the sleeve of the jacket. Trust me, people forget.

Bad manners.

Under this heading I’d include arriving late, arriving way too early, chewing gum, bringing in a drink to the interview, not standing up when introduced to someone, keeping your cell phone out on the table, answering your phone if it rings, and having a limp fish handshake. This sounds silly, but it used to drive me crazy when I would interview a woman and she would leave her coat on and her purse on the table. You might think that this is really being picky, but it was one of my pet peeves. It made me think that person was just stopping by for a quick minute, rather than willing to invest the time in speaking with a potential employer. My mother used to say use your company manners. Same applies in an interview.

Failing to prepare for the interview.

This includes not doing any research on the company, not preparing to discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and not having any questions prepared for the interviewer. See our other articles on how to prevent making these mistakes.

Talking about money.

There is a time and a place to talk about money – the interview is neither the time nor the place. You don’t want to price yourself out of the job or make yourself look as if the only thing you care about is money.

Bad mouthing prior employers and co-workers.

You don’t want to look like a malcontent. How does that old saying go – if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Speaking poorly about previous employers makes you look like a complainer.

Not asking for the job.

If you liked what you heard in an interview, be sure to tell the interviewer that. Don’t ever leave a job interview without asking for the job if it is an opportunity that interests you.

When you go out on your next interview questions and answer take care not to make any of these interview mistakes.