Despite all the difficulties in finding a job after graduation, the Italian boys and girls continue to subscribe to the humanities. But this is one of the training course where members are proportionately higher than the real Career opportunities that the labor market offers! In Italy there is this contradiction between the demand for humanistic culture, which continues to be very strong despite the significant decline of what is the traditional outlet or teaching. However, today there are new professional opportunities arising from the great development of the web.

career opportunities

According to recent statistics, the undergraduates in humanities arrive for almost 50% of high school technical! Most often this is because we realize that at the level of charm of materials, the universe humanistic offers most people a little more… .. Respect to provenance studies. A degree in the humanities today increasingly turns towards teaching, research and competitions direct to the public administration, and then still journalism, printing, communications, publishing houses and professionalism related to the selection and management of human resources. But employment opportunities do not come only from the world of education and training but also by academies and art galleries, libraries, games and recreational activities. The faculties are especially interested Humanities, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Anthropology, Art History, Language ​​and disciplines library.

However, working with people today is a privilege, but also in this field now is crucial to know how to use the social network, who are consulted in the selection of employees of the same company. It is these new technologies open up new job opportunities for thousands and thousands of Italian graduates in humanities. The journalism on the web (blogging) in contrast to the traditional (TV, radio and print media) offers new career path and a second more meritocratic, because success (which results in visits to the blog) that the articles manage to get, can provide immediate feedback on the effectiveness of their work. However, do the blogger today is not simple and requires skills that are not usually taught at the university! This job requires more effort, because you have to stay current and write not only more only to readers, but also to achieve efficient indexing on search engines. Are therefore required knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web marketing and many others, which are unfortunately unknown to most! It ‘a job that can earn a lot, but needs a lot of dedication and commitment.

And remaining in the world of communication, are becoming increasingly important activities of social media marketing and community management, which seems to make ​​for a cultural approach to social-humanistic (adapted to the rules of the new technologies). Their importance has grown so much, that now these concepts are taught in many of our universities. In short, today there are new opportunities for groped their own business, grouping skills typical of the old communication with the strategies to be used on the Internet and social networks, because the flexibility and cultural mindset of a degree in humanities, offers the possibility companies to transmit certain skills more easily than other types of graduates, even in technical subjects like computer programming. In this regard, it is not uncommon that the best programmers do not come more from university courses related.