The profession of the psychologist requires a very specific course of study. Psychology, according to the etymology of the word itself, would be the “science of the soul”, hence the psychologist is a health professional who uses scientific methods and techniques to heal states of discomfort, symptoms and behavioral and psychological disturbances. Psychology, in fact, is responsible not only and not so much soul, but also to analyze human behavior and to understand the dynamics of emotional and mental. It is a relatively young discipline, in fact, born in the middle of the 800, but is constantly evolving and deepening. Indeed, there are several addresses where you can specialize for those who decide to pursue this career: clinical psychology, experimental, forensic, social, development to name just a few.


After high school, who decided to become a psychologist, must enroll in the University at the Faculty of Psychology. In Italy there are many institutes that offer this course. In the north it is present in all major cities: Milan Bicocca University and University Hospital San Raffaele, in Turin, Trieste, Pavia and Bologna. At the center of the most popular is definitely the the wisdom University of Rome, but the faculty is also in Florence. In the south, however, only the University of Bari and Messina have a degree in Psychology. Once you have chosen the place where to attend, you have to take into account that the first part of the curriculum is the same for everyone and includes matters of a general nature, such as general psychology, medicine, sociology, biology, statistics and computer science. Later, however, once you have chosen your address, we investigate specific areas of study for each of these.

A key moment in the formation of an aspiring psychologist is that the internship in public or private (often collaborate with universities) for the part about the practical training activities (AFP). At this time, the student often begins to make a concrete idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir future work and understand on their skin which is the psychological field that interests him the most. For these reasons, this is a crucial step of the training. After graduating, however, still are not psychologists, we must first prepare for a real practical training of one year, under the supervision of a professional tutor. The final step is to address the State Examination, which allows you to become members of psychologists and look out from here to the professional world.