The Bachelor’s degree in three to four years where graduates receive a “Bachelor’s degree.” This is a diploma of higher education which will enable you to understand the whole of a specific field and prepare for the further education or re-enter the labor market.

How long to prepare a Bachelor?

A Bachelor’s degree is obtained at a university in the UK, Ireland, America, Australia … But the conditions are not getting the same or duration of studies! Thus, the Bachelor may lead to two diplomas, an “ordinary Bachelor’s degree” or a “Bachelor’s degree with honors.” The second asking mostly a longer period of study. Today in England , the majority of degrees are “Honours Degree” and asks to be completed three years or four years with an investment in a company for a year or a year abroad. Australia has a system almost similar to England, although there are subtleties.


A Bachelor degree in Scotland will however require 4 years of study , although if your notes are correct at the high school or the equivalent in the UK, the “High School”, you can go directly into the second year. For the United States and Canada, a Bachelor will inevitably ask you four years of study at a university, although it is possible to spend two years in Community College and then be transferred within a university to reduce costs. Finally, depending on the country, the degree is not the same everywhere, although the equivalence is relatively easy in the Anglo-Saxon university system.

The Bachelor equivalent of License?

Today, the equivalence of diplomas is facilitated by the ECTS credit system within the European Union, and a returning student with a Bachelor of the United Kingdom or Ireland may more easily pursue his studies in his field with bac +3. Diplomas obtained outside the European Union are less regulated , but with globalization and the spread of study abroad, the difficulties to recognize his degree became minimal, especially in large schools that promote this type of experience to abroad.