Here are a few exercises to help you before going to school. The ultimate goal of learning a language like English for example, is able to communicate and talk with people especially. The more you say a word or a sentence, the more comfortable you will feel. For many people, it can be difficult to speak in a foreign language not because they are unfamiliar with the language and do not understand it, but because they are afraid of being ridiculous or not be understood by their interlocutor. Practice your writing first. Thanks to the internet, there are thousands of forums for those who are learning English, or websites where you can leave comments. You can share your thoughts without all the added stress of speaking. When you learn something new in English, it must be said aloud.


Use a good online dictionary with audio files to learn how to pronounce the word. Before you take the leap and speak, try to speak in English writing. This may seem obvious, but you really need to talk to make progress. Where do you practice? Okay I admit, it seems extremely stupid, but talking to yourself is a great way to build confidence. Ask a friend, parent, brother, sister or colleague to speak with you in English every week. If you talked to yourself, you are ready for the next step.

When you have some time alone, standing in front of your mirror and practice your English is a good solution. Talk to your mirror. Talk to a real person in English. For starters, you may find it less intimidating to talk to another person who also teaches English. Talk to a real person. You may or talk about the weather in front of your mirror if you want. Practice in front of your mirror until you feel more comfortable to talk to people. There are many language schools that offer language courses in England and linguistic stays in London in particular. This is a good way to learn English in England to improve with English courses in England, or elsewhere.

There are several language schools in London for example. Start slowly and gradually increase the difficulty. More importantly, you should congratulate you for all your efforts to improve your English and to speak with more confidence. Even if you’re a big stupid mistake, or the other person does not understand, this is how you learn and you can improve. Even if you stutter, hesitate, or you make a joke and nobody laughs, bad experiences of this type are equally important. Persevere, and enjoy all the improvements you make, even the most sensitive.