Though the age old adage of ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ holds true for some, yet personal appearances and looks still go a long way in deciding a woman’s beauty. All women, no matter whether rich or not will always set aside some sums for cosmetology treatments. Beauty schools are institutes that provide specialized training in varied niche cosmetic and fashion fields.

Scope of Learning at Beauty Institutes

One area of training given is in the field of Aesthetics. An Aesthetician is also known as a skin care therapist and obtains training in cosmetic treatment of the skin and the face. They assist the skin specialists in providing remedial solutions for acne and psoriasis.

Beauty Schools

Modern day evils of air pollution and weathering take a heavy toll on an individual’s skin leading to many mild to severe skin problems. Addressing such problems is the work of an aesthetician. Having gained expertise in the use of exfoliation treatments, facial products and spa treatments they help to rejuvenate and restore the individual’s skin and face. A flawless and beautiful skin makes a lasting first impression and an aesthetician contributes in a major way towards the client’s efforts in achieving it.

Another field in which learning takes place here is massage therapy. This involves acquiring skill in applying varying levels of pressure to the soft tissue parts and muscles of the body. Different types of pressure like vibrating, movable or fixed etc. is used so that the muscles are relaxed, blood flow to various tissues and organs is enhanced thus proving beneficial to the nervous, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems of the body.

Hair styling forms another aspect of learning at such institutes. Different techniques of cutting hair, adding colour and styles to hair helps in giving a totally new look to the client.

Skills of managing spas and salons as well as basic computer knowledge are also imparted besides providing practical experience. Most of the beauty institutes have a salon on campus open to townspeople which provides an outlet to the students to practise their skills.

Changing face of the Beauty Industry

People’s views about the beauty industry have changed. With the advent of more systematic and scientific learning, the respectability quotient has reached great heights. Beauty industry has become a very lucrative career prospect for many individuals. The increased stress and pressures in life plus the increased levels of pollution ravage the mind and body on account of which there is a greater need for quick rejuvenation and refreshing change in life. Beauticians with their professional training provide this much needed relief to the stressed out individual. Beauty Institutes which formally prepare the beautician to take on these tasks in a satisfactory manner are the demand of today’s times. Getting enrolled in an accredited beauty school and obtaining certification has become the criteria for attaining perfection in this field.