When we hear the voice of a professional speaker on the radio, especially on FM, we expect to hear an unusual voice. We hope you have that extra “touch” that not everyone has, whether it’s a female voice or a male voice.

Many people think that to occupy a place on the radio or television they must have certain physical qualities. It is true that stereotypes are more deeply rooted in television than in radio. But the most important thing of all is not your physical appearance. If you are tall, short, obese or thin this happens to a second term. The most important are the reasons and the reasons why you would like to become a professional speaker. If you would like to build your career as a voiceover, you could leanrn brief information  from here.

become a professional speaker

People who possess the potential and talent to become successful professional speakers are more than you can imagine. However, not all of them have a passion to communicate. In the world of professional communication, the most important thing is to have something to say! Feel the need to be heard and know that by saying what we have to say, we can contribute a grain of sand to make this a better place to live.

If you think your voice is not “pretty” enough, that’s not important. Most communicators can find a niche in which they can develop successfully. There are an infinity of radio genres that currently offer you a wide range of possibilities.

How do I know if I have enough talent to be a professional speaker?

Although it is not an exact science, here are some clues that can give you a clear idea.

  •     Discuss an “important” subject to the point of exhaustion whenever you have the opportunity.
  •     You like to read aloud or tell stories.
  •     You are an outgoing person.
  •     It motivates you to be heard, especially through a microphone or camera.
  •     You’re the one who tells the best jokes at parties.
  •     You like to teach others.
  •     Acting is something that attracts you and you think you would do well.
  •     You like sales.
  •     You enjoy the company of the people.
  •     You are attracted to the media.
  •     Shyness is something that does not go with you.
  •     You enjoy doing presentations in your work.
  •     You like to sing.
  •     Have you ever dreamed of being a professional speaker?

The list is can be endless, but when observing these characteristics we can find common traits. They are people who like to express themselves out loud. People who understand the way a story and the emotions it involves impact the listener. People who like to explore their communication skills in different ways.

On the other hand, if you are shy, you like to go unnoticed and you are afraid to speak in public. Chances are that becoming a professional speaker is not your thing. Easy truth?

Having a great voice can be a gift that life gave you, but the challenge knows what to do with it. A “pleasant” voice does not represent a preferential pass to enter the media. Behind a successful professional speaker there are many hours of work, momentary disappointments, and innumerable episodes of rejection and uncertainty.

A race of resistance

Developing a career in the media is something very similar to a marathon. It’s a resistance race. That is why it is important to have a vocation, to have something to communicate and that this becomes a bigger need than us.

This race is full of opportunities. But we must be prepared to offer the best of ourselves when it presents itself.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “How to become a professional speaker?”. Hope read and enjoy!