The University of Siena is also this year’s best public university in Italy. This is the response of ranking universities CENSIS Republic in 2014, which gave an average of 103.2 points. The third step of the podium at Milan’s Polytechnic University (97 points) occupied the second place overall, with a mean score of 97.8 Trent o, that is on a par with the University of Bologna. To become a best public university is not a easy task.


Published by the Republic and realized in collaboration with CENSIS, the Great University Guide 2014-2015 brings together the general classification divided according to the number of enrolled in. 2012-2013 in the “mega” (over 40 thousand), “big” (from 20 thousand to 40 thousand), “medium” (between 20 thousand and 10 thousand), “small” (up to 10 thousand) and “polytechnics” and those devoted exclusively to teaching. With a novelty: this year, for the first time, in 2014, ranking the University CENSIS Republic, (20 thousand to 10 thousand members), “big” in (of 5 and “medium” break them, 10 of the private university opens) and “small “() of up to 5.

With regard to the overall assessment of the universities, the indicators considered for the development of university rankings CENSIS Republic 2014:

Services: Outside the region in the number of meals provided for the accommodation of members and the number of seats and fees and is based on the ratio of residents registered;

Grants and contributions: The right to study and the number of customers that account for the relationship between universities and the cost of intervention for students by entities;

Structures: considering the relationship between the number of seats in classrooms, libraries and laboratories and that of the members;

Web: And evaluation of functionality of the website content; And government and education costs out of proportion to the number of members of the international exchange program and for the right to study the mobility of students, based on the number of foreigners registered internationalization.