According to what is stipulated by a network of experienced professionals in the Qs, the best universities in the world in the field of innovation is the MIT in Boston. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has indeed won the award for best university in the world, surpassing rival Harvard University , who had dominated the past five years. And while the U.S. may dominate, there are those who, in Italy, to try hard to make up positions.

The criteria that the experts of the Qs have adopted in order to generate the list refer mainly to the reputation based on ‘ opinion of teachers around the world, to the judgment of the companies (in the opinion of international managers), citations per faculty . Three criteria that allowed the MIT in Boston to climb nine places compared to 2011, reaching the top of the top ten global companies.


As previously announced, for the first time since 2006, the prestigious academy of Harvard has had to settle for second place in the category “Social Science & Management”, in front of the third place, the University of Chicago, and the fourth, that of Princeton. Then, but only in fifth place, the London School of Economics and Political Science . The institute in London is not the only institution not to invade the U.S. top ten, considering that the other places are occupied by Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, from Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

If the first 10 places we go to the next 10, the scenery changes, but only partially. Dall’11mo to 20th place, in fact, there are three other U.S. institutions, 3 UK institutions (including the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge), the University of Tokyo, the National University of Singapore and, finally, the Luigi Bocconi, which may well console himself with a 17th position in the international arena and is proud to be the best university in the Euro zone.