Nurses play a crucial role in the health care industry by helping individuals, families, and entire communities attain and maintain optimal health. Besides looking stylish in Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, they are vital to the workforce.

A student nurse is a nurse in training who is going through a trial period before becoming a regular RN. To be a successful nurse, a wide knowledge of the medical field is needed. There are a plethora of resources student nurses can use to familiarize themselves with the industry they are working in and that can help prepare them for becoming a Registered Nurse.

Book Recommendations for Student Nurses:

  • Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2011-2012 Edition with CD-ROM – The NCLEX-RN exam is needed if you are interested in becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) practicing in the United States. The Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2011-2012 review book combines test prep strategies with a comprehensive content review in order to best prepare nursing students for this rigorous exam.
  • American Nursing Association’s Foundation of Nursing Package – Student nurses and RN’s aiming to educate themselves on the practice of nursing and critical decision making within the industry trust the ANA’s Foundation of Nursing Package – a three book set of guidelines, advice and pertinent information all nurses need to know. Included in the three book package is “Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice”, “Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses for Nurse: Interpretation and Applications” and “Nursing’s Social Policy Statement: The Essence of the Profession”.
  • Saunders Student Nurse Planner, 2013-2014: A Guide to Success in Nursing School – Written by Susan deWilt, a Registered Nurse, this helpful planner and guidebook for nursing students is a great resource to help students prepare for graduation. The guide includes a calendar to help students stay on track in school, as well as a wealth of information student nurses need to know to be successful in their industry.
  • Nursing Today: Traditions and Trends – Written by Joann Zerwehk, this helpful book designed for student nurses covers everything from the evolution of Dickies scrubs to real-life applications of nursing. Helping student nurses graduate not only with patient care skills but with career development skills, this useful book also includes tips and strategies to help prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • Nurse’s Fast Facts: Your Quick Source for Core Clinical Content – Written by NRP Brenda Walters Holloway, Nurse’s Fast Facts is an essential resource for nurses containing all of the procedures, calculations, lab values, and drug interactions nurses need to know. Designed for student nurses and Registered Nurses alike, this guidebook is filled with all of the hard to remember information crucial to a nurse’s daily job.
  • Mosby’s Drug Guide for Nurses – This helpful guidebook for nurses is written by Linda Skidmore-Roth RN and provides students with quick access to information on 50 drug classifications and over 4,000 different generic and trade name drugs. A must-have resource for any student nurse, this book provides pertinent information pertaining to the field of pharmacology.
  • The Nurses Dictionary: 500 Words Every Nurse Should Know – Covering everything from Dickies scrubs to acquired immunity, this resource book contains all of the key terminology nursing students need to know. With 500 detailed descriptions of important terms and acronyms used in the healthcare industry, this book makes a great pocket companion on the job.
  • Learning IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education – A crucial resource for all student nurses, Learning IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education shows nursing students how to comprehend IOM reports. This helpful student guide focuses on what nurses need to know about patient safety and quality of care after they leave the classroom.