While the universities physical encounter a difficult time, characterized by a widespread reduction of membership, telematic universities are experiencing a real boom. An increasing number of students and the parallel increase revenues, a sign that distance education is now a well-established and growing prestige which it enjoys. To definitively overcome the mistrust and make online universities really comparable to traditional ones? Need a further commitment from the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and are the same rectors of telematics to ask.

The formula of teaching, pairing video-courses in streaming or deferred and tests in presence , like more and more students of all ages, especially those who would not have the opportunity to attend classes for business reasons or for inability to move. Contribute to the success of the economic crisis studying from home costs are lower and the improvement of the quality of the courses, but also the increasingly widespread diffusion of new digital devices (such as smartphones and tablet ).


The protagonists of the booming telecommunications universities are particularly eleven o’clock recognized by the Ministry of Education . The unreasoning, for example, saw its number of subscribers squirt from 6 to 10 thousand over one academic year and forecasts for the future are to further growth, so much so that you think about a possible IPO and there are already international investment funds that are offered as financial partners.

The secret of the booming telecommunications universities? The slenderness of the decision-making structures and setting more market-oriented and student-client, quite different from that of traditional universities. But, in order for the success to continue, it is essential to focus more and more on quality. With the help of the Ministry of Education, who was asked to consolidate “its supervisory role, performing since 2006 through the agency ANVUR. It is not enough he explains Rainer Masera, dean of Economics at Guglielmo Marconi release the initial accreditation, must be checked in a rigorous and continuous maintenance of high standards in order to dispel the doubts still widely used on the study of the electronic and private universities in general”.
While in Italy the prestige of the university telematics grows, however, you begin to move abroad doubts about the quality of distance education. With a few exceptions: the famous coffee chain Starbucks, for example, has decided to pay entry fees to all its employees who decide to enroll in an online degree program.