If you love animals know that was set up in an Italian university master’s degree in Pet Therapy. Specifically, it is an interdisciplinary course that involves the departments of Health, Education, History and Philosophy of the University of Genoa in collaboration with the Institute of Experimental Zoo condom Venezuela-National Reference Centre for Pet Therapy. As many of you know, this term indicate therapeutic interventions, health, educational or recreational using the human-animal relationship and the benefits and emotions resulting from it, as a tool for use by the operator (physician, psychologist, educator, physiotherapist, etc.) who has charge of the person it is addressed to the program. It is a therapy that integrates, strengthens and supports the traditional therapies and can be used on patients suffering from different diseases with improvement targets behavioral, physical, cognitive, psychosocial and psychological-emotional. Then, Pet Therapy is not a therapy itself, but a “co-therapy” that combines a traditional therapy in progress.

pet therapy

From the next academic year will be active course to become ” expert in therapy, and education activities assisted by animals . ” Although this title might play locally strange, there is no question of a master useless. It would appear in fact, as reported by the newspaper “Il Secolo XIX”, that the Ministry of Health wants to bring the assisted therapy with animals in Lea (Essential Levels of Care), services and performance that the Italian Health Service guarantees to all. So even people with physical and psychological problems that can be scientifically proven benefits of contact with animals can make use of the service and the professionalism of new graduates in Pet Therapy. The four-legged friends in fact may offer new incentives for children or people with geriatric diseases or suffering from depression. For the record, in Italy there are already courses on pet therapy, but not everyone is always reliable! This is because even today there is no specific legislation at the national level. Official recognition (by the Ministry) of the Master’s Degree in Pet Therapy of the University of Genoa, can open doors to interesting professional activities in the future.