From the United States comes Bright, a solar car very advanced, for whose realization we must pay tribute to a group of students at Stanford University, California. To build it took more than two years of planning, design, fundraising, logistics, construction and testing. The car, which is the eleventh model solar energy created as part of the Stanford Solar Car Project, and will participate in the World Solar Challenge 2013 is “beautifully simple in design and construction, tested – says Professor Wesley Ford team director of this technological gem – to be the most reliable and efficient vehicle in the history of our team. ”

Bright is the most recent prototype of solar car designed and built by Stanford University to participate in the competition for popular vehicles of this type, which provides a path of more than 3,200 miles and takes place in Australia. The conditions to achieve a good finish, this year there seem to be: “The progress of the eleventh exemplary Bright – says Wesley Ford – inspire confidence in the prospects of our team in the World Solar Challenge 2013. We have made ​​great progress in the path of research although we never arrive at an end. ”


The new solar car designed and built by the team at Stanford University has a pretty light body, which hides important technological innovations . Among these, the powerful electric motors for propulsion installed on each front wheel. To have an efficiency greater than those of the competition, such engines have been subjected to intensive testing. At the same time, l ‘ propulsion uses of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, which provide one of the highest conversion efficiencies for the production of energy from those available in the world today.

Bright is also covered by a layer anti reflection designed from 3M to ensure excellent aerodynamic properties, while the profile of the body has a coefficient of aerodynamic resistance optimal. During the tests in the wind tunnel, this new body has exceeded the optimal values ​​of the previous model, despite being built with higher standards of strength in order to face without damage or inconvenience the roughness of the Australian landscape. Finally, the ‘ electrical system, this prototype solar car was found to be quite effective, durable and reliable in all conditions.