Young people who drop out of university: a sad reality in Italy, a real emergency in Britain . Where to alarm is household debt, due to the high fees of many universities. The abandonment university by students and the economic suffering of their families in the UK have reached alarming proportions, so that is the entity that is in charge of admissions of students, the Universities and colleges admission service (Ucas) to invite young subjects of the Queen to think twice before choosing which course to enroll. “Wait, there’s no hurry. Avoid making the wrong choices “so it sounds the call of the UCAS head Mary Curnock Cook.


Victims of too much pressure from family and friends, young people in Britain end up giving in to the lure of the college, which will draw you in with promises of exciting studies and careers especially striking, without thinking enough. To the point that in 2013 more than 26 thousand were members at the university who have withdrawn , and 1 out of 15 graduated abandoned without completing even the first year of coursework.

All this despite the families had already paid the expensive fees. A big problem for the middle class, which mostly belong to the students affected by the rush to enroll at the university, according to Ucas. In 2012 a law was in fact granted to the college to raise taxes up to 9 thousand pounds, and very few universities have not taken advantage, forcing many parents to take out loans to pay for their studies to their children. Thus it is estimated that the average debt that every university leaves the family is around 40 thousand pounds, the beauty of EUR 50 thousand.

On these bases was launched from Ucas a campaign to convince students to ponder their choices for a long time and do not rush in choosing the university. With advantages not only for the wallets of families, but for the universities themselves. Why in England the evaluation of the college also takes into account the number of students who arrive at graduation . The leitmotif ? No rush, we’re British.