When it comes to business few degrees carry the clout of an EMBA, or Executive Master of Business Administration. It makes your CV stand out in the crowd and is the evidence needed to prove to both current and future employees that you are the right person for the job. If you are at a crossroads in your career and feel that you would greatly benefit from having such a degree then you should be looking for UK professional EMBA courses.

What will I gain?

It would be easier if you asked what you won’t gain as that is a simple one word answer; nothing. By gaining an EMBA you are being given access to a whole new level of business administration opportunities that simply aren’t accessible to those without one. There are few worlds as competitive as that of business, and to get ahead to have to be in possession of the best qualifications possible.

I don’t really want to go back to school

Taking an EMBA degree course may be in a learning environment but is nothing like going back to school. You will be with other like minded people who are also looking to improve themselves and climb the career ladder. The ‘classes’, for want of a better word are small, you will make new contacts while learning and the big plus is that everyone of you is there because you want to be. So think of this as less of going back to school and more of receiving the additional training that will make you the proud owner of an EMBA and the vast improvement of chances and choices this will give you in your career.


As this type of course is available over the course of a weekend you don’t have to use any of your holidays up by taking time off work to study. It will also look good on your CV that you have relinquished your precious free time in order to better yourself. This kind of commitment, as well as having the degree, will go a long way to impressing future employers. Have a look now to see where you can go and use your weekends to be able to put EMBA after your name, as those 4 letters can make such a difference to your future career prospects.