When students learn bfw in Neumunster in handy now, looks like a normal workday. In six areas, they may prove themselves.

For two weeks, making the pupils of Theodor Storm Village Community School in Hanerau-Hademarschen overtime. Rather than go to a clock home, they had to work longer. Almost as long as a normal working day lasts.

Students from Hanerau-Hademarschen tested in six areas of work

The eighth graders participated in the professional orientation (BOP) at bfw in Neumunster, where they were allowed to try out each of two days in six areas. Metal, painting, wood, hotels and catering (HoGa), trade / warehouse, health and social affairs (GESO) focused this time on the curriculum. Instead of notes, it was work best . as if they were standing actually in a normal work or training relationship with praise and (almost) regular working hours, with breaks, orders, Master criticism.

Scented candle stands, book shelves, billboards, marketing strategies and company logos

The results speak for themselves: their self-made scented candle holders were allowed to take the youth home, the getischlerten bookshelves made from real pine wood. Her painted billboards and computer-designed logos to beautify the school in the future, sophisticated new marketing strategies to enrich the theoretical lessons.


In a wheelchair through the city. A difficult task for a disabled person

Among the highlights of this “time out” but the experiences were in the module “health and welfare ‘, as Professor Kai spark much importance placed on practical experience:” Who wants to take a job in this area, one must first recreate themselves, as the patient feels. ” Well-organized the professional paramedic two wheelchairs and blindfolds to bringing closer the young people in this way, how to move people with disabilities in our society. It was not easy: the curbs made of a soft juggling wheelchairs often almost impossible rempelnde fellow swiped the “blind” at fast speed through the streets, dog pile were distributed on the sidewalks.

In the supermarket, the obstacles were especially severe at the checkout

Particularly difficult was the situation in the supermarket. At first everything went very smoothly, because the aisles were wide enough while shopping in order to allow the passage of wheelchairs between the shelves. At the box office but there was a corner between the grid and cash, so that here, especially a lot of tact was required. Kai Funke: “It went smoothly, but all these students were very attentive and have good social skills..” Rejoiced over such praise not only the eighth-graders including the teacher, of course, who attended the practice days and continuously about the conduct and progress of their students like informed.

BOP showed new perspectives, but also confirmed previous request professions

At the end of the BOP weeks there were all satisfied and almost all young people today have a better idea in terms of the labor market and working life. Should Heiko (14), for example, had never wavered even if he go to the tenth grade to the school or starting with his uncle in agriculture. Now he knows what he really wants: “I am Industrial business that’s cool!” Much practical information and guidance work had convinced him, he says. Even for Tobias and Nick (both 14) are now like the dice: “We want to do something with renewable energies” And Cedric, who had developed his artistic, fictional supermarket particularly detailed and to scale on paper asserts: “I am architectural draftsman.” He had always wanted to be, he reveals yet quickly, but now it could absolutely nothing away from it.

When bfw in Neumunster is one very satisfied with the results of the BOP-week

“Yes, these are findings that are very important for young people”, the project leader assured the bfw, Inge hatred. “If you can get a whiff BOP into the different areas of work, without that we influence the students. We provide information, but the fact that they themselves are active, they really enjoy what they enjoy and what does not.” Practice weeks are funded by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) in Bon . One thing was clear to almost all of these BOP Exploration: Work is fun, but this is true also for the school. Some went even further. They declared: “Yes, we are looking forward to school!” The BOP program will run until the end of every month with youth from different schools in bfw in Neumunster and the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) is gratefully acknowledged.