The study ‘pay’. They’ll find out starting next year the deserving students of the University of Milan Bicocca, that regardless of the income level of membership will receive cash credits in recognition of their efforts. The Board of Directors decided on the university, “to encourage young people to enter at the right time and to the best in the business world but – says the rector Cristina Mass – I think it is also a contribution to return to the commitment and quality the positive way they deserve. ”

The cash credits introduced by Bicocca are intended to deserving students enrolled in both the first year of the Bachelor’s and the masterful single-cycle and to those who were always going to graduate in the three-year or single-cycle. Their assignment is based on the results achieved and, once received, loans must be spent within two years. They can serve, for example, to have a discount on the registration fee to the following year or to a master. In addition to the Erasmus grant, could be also spent a period abroad, or even to attend language classes, buy books or have partial reimbursements for public transport in their city.


The credits allocated to deserving students have a value of € 125 each . If you acquire by the end of the academic year all the credits required for the first year from their undergraduate degree (or at least 60 courses that provide in greater numbers) and reported an average equal to or greater than 29, students enrolled in the Bachelor and masterful single-cycle can get up to 4 credits in cash, for a total of € 500. To those, however, will have an average of more than 28 but less than 29 will be awarded 2 credits, while only one who will acquire all of the credits required with an average of more than 27 but less than 28.

As for students who graduate in the course, both in the three-year courses in both single-cycle, there are 4 credits if they get a vote equal to or greater than 109, while only 2 if the vote is between 105 and 108. In any case, all these ” bonuses “are cumulative . Their introduction wants to be an incentive to give the best of themselves. On the other hand, “one of the tasks of the university – said the rector of Bicocca – is also to promote and support the value of people, a factor that circulates decisive positive effects.