Back to square one. Even at ‘ University of Pavia , as had already happened in Parma, the admission test for the health professions has been canceled . The university Lombard announced the decision through an official statement, from which we learn that the reason for zeroing supported by evidence last Wednesday for a little less than 1,500 candidates is the non-compliance of the questionnaires distributed at the exam than As indicated in the notice issued by the university.

The cancellation of the admission test for the health professions was placed after finding that each of the questions were only four options to answer and not five, as had been specified in the notice instead. For the error, the University of Pavia has called into question the company Intersistemi SpA , which was responsible for preparing the questionnaires by the university. The evidence of the admission test for the health professions, in fact, are not the same all over the country, but are prepared by individual universities.


Now, as in the case of the ‘University of Parma , you will have to wait for the Ministry of Education , with a special ministerial decree, set a new date for the conduct of the trial. Meanwhile, student associations, especially the ‘ Union of University (Udu) , point out the absurdity of the story, especially wondering how it is possible that no visions questionnaires to be submitted in advance to the students during the admission test for compliance with the established and fairness. Through its national coordinator, Michele Orezzi, the Udu then announced that for the cancellation of the admission test for the Health Professions at the University of Pavia will be asked for reimbursement of expenses incurred by the candidates, many of whom are not residents in the Lombard city.

While raging controversy over the admission test canceled, it seems that they are intended to deflate those relating to the ‘bonus maturity’. After noting that even the revision of the percentiles table is served to solve all the problems , the minister would Carranza to announce the abolition of the controversial measure, which could be repealed as early as Monday next by the Council of Ministers. The news was Mastrillo Angelo , coordinator of the Centre National Conference of Bachelor of Health Professions, an interview with Reuters Health.