The process of choosing the right university can be quite daunting, but at the same time challenging for students who want to pursue a specific course of study . This choice can be challenging for parents, who very often find themselves in the position of having to sift through the enormous volume of information available. Choosing the right university means to evaluate the family budget , the faculty of interest and whether to enroll in a local university or abroad. Here is a brief guide to making this choice in the best possible way.

Understand first of all if you have the chance to go abroad to study or if your needs do not allow one shift of this kind, if the economic budget is limited, it is advisable to enroll in a local university. When you go abroad, you have to consider the factor of accommodation, living expenses and the cost of airline tickets. In addition, you should inquire about the cost of living in the country abroad where you plan to go and study.


Decide which course to attend and try to learn more about the faculty of the school offering the course. Try to collect reviews or testimonials directly from students who are studying or have studied at the faculty. Do not hesitate to contact the course coordinators and teachers, asking them questions about forms or methods of evaluation. This will help to give an idea of how the course and the “philosophy” of the university itself. Check the credentials of teachers. Study the main subjects of the course and compare them with those from other universities. Discover, in addition, if the university offers the possibility internship or other projects related to the chosen faculty. Check the policy of the university about switching courses within it, or the transfer of credits, if you decide to change universities.

Today, most universities have an account on Facebook and / or on other social networks, use it as an opportunity to ask the university staff all the necessary information. You can also get more information by talking with staff from various universities . Check precisely where the university is located and the services that surround it. It should not be hard to do with programs such as Google Maps . The position of the university will affect the overall cost of the studies.