Succeed in life and business, that’s what coaching offers. Also known as attitudinal training. Discover their secrets.

Coaching , training, attitudinal, coaching for life coaching business, these are all names for the same form of teaching. The term ” coaching “comes from the verb” to coach “, literally translated into Castilian as” train “. It consists of a methodology that is sought, either individually or collectively, to achieve some specific goal or develop specific skills. The person who works with the methodology of coaching is called the coach or trainer. This trainer is not only a method used to achieve the goal, but more than one, such as personal motivation talks, group seminars, workshops and different practices associated with the development of a capability.

The coach . Figure vital in training

The coach does not teach, but it helps the coachee , or the person being trained, to learn about himself. That is precisely what makes the coaching so interesting. The training achieved will help the person to be able to face herself, unaided, to the challenges in its path. There are coaches who are highly regarded and have earned their reputation on hard work and get results time after time palpable, both individual and enterprise.


To know them is important when choosing one. For example, globally recognized names such as Anthony Robbins and Richard Bandler. But professionals are not only abroad, in Spain there are very good, including James and Rosetta Forner Aldekoa. Relying on a professional is vital and that is why a meeting of coach can be very expensive custom. Now, to achieve the desired goal, is it necessary for experienced people who know about human psychology. Remember that your purpose will help the person to be herself identifying the problems and can find the exit and the solution to them.

The guidance of the coaching

Basically, the coach will follow a logical process of training. This process can be divided into 7 parts, which are detailed below:

Note: the basis for solving a problem is based on the need of options. The options come from the ability to observe the situation from different points of view. Understanding other reasons, other means to an end based on common beliefs, will solve the problem.
Awareness: People have choice. The range of choices comes from the different views on the same problem. An election will fail if not perceive the underlying implications.
Objectives: what objective is pursued? Or rather what is the real objective pursued and defined? In order not to miss the mark, this is the aspect that will be clear. Then take the right decisions.
Action: The action will follow a process guided by the coach . The solution may be simple, but take time to implement it in a gradual way.
Measurement: how far have we come? How much we have left to reach the goal? What mistakes have we made in the process? What have we done to address them? In this measurement is: a complete and thorough self-analysis that allows us to move forward.
The action committed: the coach and the coachee must resolve to take concrete action in line with the actions to be carried out.
Motivation: ” yes, we can “. President Barack Obama is a good example of coach in the motivational aspect. The coach motivates his audience up so they can undertake the action r.

Training for success

For the coaching is received to be truly effective, will require several sessions. Do not forget that this is an attitudinal training and hardly any kind of training is not conducted in a while can be advantageous and profitable. Thus, while the coaching is worth, you must also take into account their impact on the economy. But as usual it is said, what good is expensive. Hardly find a course of coaching quality through training free.