As the demand for highly educated individuals has grown in the workplace, the number of college applicants has significantly increased. Many quality institutions, such as Colby College have seen a strong influx of applicants. According to the Huffington Post, with this new surge has come the evolution of some admissions practices that can be a bit questionable to some individuals.


Branding has been a major part of marketing schools for centuries. Schools want to be known as “prestigious” or the best in particular areas to attract certain demographics. As such, in an effort to protect said brand schools have been quite selective in the individuals admitted into their institutions. As the number of applicants increases there are some colleges that have not widened this scope, and turn away numerous applicants. This not only maintains the school’s desired demographic, but also boosts their ratings as “selective” and “exclusive” school.

Test Scores

Over the years test scores have grown as a strong factor in determining applicant eligibility. In the past the student essays and references carried more weight, but seem to have lost their luster as of late. For those students who may not fare well with test taking, this can be a strong blow and limiting to their college acceptance. Though test taking skills have become harder pressed at a younger age, there are those who preach that a student’s test taking abilities should not be considered the determining factor of their level of intellect.


The cost of higher education has been a crippling aspect for many individuals, and only continues to grow. There are numerous stories of students who have either not been able to attend school or who have had to drop out simply due to their inability to pay. Though community college does offer a more cost effective method, it can only take a student so far, and those looking to expand their education beyond undergrad are left in the wind.

Even considering the madness of the college admissions process, there are some redeeming factors. There are college prep programs and organizations that students can join to groom themselves to be proper candidates for their desired schools. There are also test prep and tutoring options that students can attain that can help them specifically prepare to take and ace college entrance exams. Those who are serious about attending costly colleges can seek scholarships through the schools and various organizations.

As admission processes get tougher, so must students’ efforts. Though the various factors may seem like giant mountains to overcome, there are students finding various ways to overcome them. Those who do position themselves to excel in their careers, making the maddening process seem worthwhile.