Graduation is the meaning of receiving or conferring an academic degree that is sometimes associated or related, where students become graduates. college graduation day is very important for every students. This is not only day but also the dreams for all students. In short, we know that as we grow more person overcoming mediocrity and falsehood, and begin to live in consistency between what we believe and what we do, between what we think and what we experience.

The reaction of the mother of Liam Blair at the news of his son’s graduation, a 31 year old Scotsman, was a mixture of disbelief, joy and emotion. The reason for this emotional upheaval that goes far beyond the normal pride of a parent to see your child achieve such an important goal, it is soon revealed: the lady was unaware that Liam frequents university. Everything has been immortalized in a video that has quickly become viral.

Liam was writing in Psychology in 2010 without revealing it to her mother, who during the four years in which the child has been dedicated to study at university. he had always believed that he worked in a fishing company in Perth. It was, however, a “cover” the boy, in fact, lived in Dundee and attended the local university.

It all started because Liam was afraid of not being able to be admitted, so he decided to keep secret the fact that the mother had applied to enroll at the university. At first, she thought her son to tell her everything if it had been accepted, but once the time has continued to be kept secret question, justifying his removal from the home with a mysterious job. And the secret was closely guarded until the day of graduation.

Now in the big time, his son arranged a surprise in a big way. With the excuse to celebrate his mother’s birthday with a week in advance, Liam has invited her to Dundee. While they were in a pub, the boy walked away with going to the bathroom and there he wore the toga for graduation, she performed in a matter of hours. Once back at the table, he gave the good news to her mother, who at first thought it was a joke.