Many college students are likely a dangerous future, especially with regard to their health, because of the bad habits that too often let themselves go: unhealthy eating, smoking, alcohol and lifestyles rather unruly. A somewhat common condition that all those who are subjected to regular rhythms for nothing because of the hectic lives we lead, but that is accentuated in the university, especially American ones. This emerged from a study by researchers at the Northwestern University and Northeastern Illinois.

The bad habits of college students may be harmful to their health, putting them at risk in the first place of getting cancer in adulthood. The study examined data from well-thirty thousand American university, noting that the majority of their accusation overweight problems. This is probably due to the fact that 95 per cent of the respondents had proved not to eat sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables, while 60 percent do not do enough physical activity. Findings emerged from two very common faults, moreover closely linked: alcohol and smoking.


Another interesting fact noted by the researchers who conducted the study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine is the correlation between that we would follow the bad habits and ethnicity they belong: white college students, in fact, would be more likely to use alcohol, while Asians would be the least conducive to the sport and, therefore, more sedentary. African Americans, however, seem to consume less fruit and vegetables of all.

Having bad habits is not only to undermine the health, but also ends up affecting the academic record. This is true for American students, and to those of the rest of the world. The Board is, therefore, to follow the lifestyle suggested by another U.S. research a collaboration between the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and the University of Florida in Gaines ville which had revealed that following a healthy routine daily, made ​​up of habits and regular hours, equivalent to fall asleep more easily and ensure a good night’s sleep with all the benefits related to it. Also with regard to the study.